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Project Description

Stormwind Reports is intended to be a lightweight, object-oriented data-sourced, injectable reporting server.
Lightweight means that it´s intended to be as productive as possible, making heavy usage of conventions over configuration.
Object-Oriented Data-Source means that you´ll be using your current Data Entities model as the data source for the report. No more giant SQL queries. Never again!
Injectable means that every component from the Data Broker to the Render Engine is replaceable with your own, since we make heavy usage of Dependency Injection.


Stormwind Reports is an attempt on making the task of creating reports more enjoyable than what they are today. Why have all the convoluted heavy-weight behemoths around when you don´t really need 90% of the features they offer.

Did you ever wanted to do this:
"I want my Customer and Order objects, where Order.Date > 10/10/2006 and Order.Value > 1000.00, and I want to see a list of orders grouped by Customer.State, then by Customer. The list of orders should have order id, value and date, and the customer group should have Id, Name and State. Also order it by value. Oh, wait just one more thing: show totals in the footer of each grouping."

And specify the way things are displayed like this:
<Group GroupBy="Customer.State" Title="{0}" Values="Customer.State.Name">
    <Group GroupBy="Customer.Id" Title="[{0}] {1}" Values="Customer.Id, Customer.Name">      
        <Column Width="33%" Header="Order Id">
          <Field Values="Order.Id" />
        <Column Width="33%" Header="Date">
          <Field Values="Order.Date" Format="dd/MM/yyyy" />
        <Column Width="33%" Header="Value">
          <Field Values="Order.Value" />
          <Text value="Totals:" />
        <Column HorizontalAlignment="Center">
          <Count />
        <Column HorizontalAlignment="Right">
          <Sum FieldName="Order.Value" Format="N2" />

Is this some kind of sorcery trick? That can´t work? Oh yes my friend, it can! And it gives you a filter UI as well so your users can query your generated report the way they want.

So how about creating reports in 10 mins? Wait until we release the extensibility and report server whitepapers.


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